LED Lamp Project Lights the Way to Flicker-Free Replacement

Jade Sky Technologies and UC Davis’s California Lighting Technology Center demonstrate the lighting market’s readiness to meet tough new quality standards

Milpitas, CA – May 15, 2014 – Jade Sky Technologies (“JST”), announces the recently completed demonstration of the technical and economic feasibility of meeting the flicker and dimming requirements set by the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification.

JST collaborated with UC Davis’s California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) on a project designed to further the development of replacement lamps that meet or exceed the California Quality specification. The project, supported by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), tested the compatibility of “best-in-class” lamps with dimmers found in most homes.

JST incorporated its innovative driver architecture into commercially available lamps then submitted the lamps to CLTC for evaluation. Lab testing and characterization at CLTC confirmed that the samples met or exceeded the California Quality specification, using cost-effective and easily accessible components.

Released in December 2012 by the California Energy Commission, the California Quality Specification establishes performance criteria for incentivized LED replacement lamps. These criteria go beyond energy efficiency, with benchmarks for correlated color temperature and CRI (90 or higher, R9 over 50), as well as dimming performance and power factor. When ample products are available, the specification will be used to accelerate the adoption of LED replacement lamps through incentives provided by California’s investor-owned utilities.

In addition to validating efficacy and CRI targets, test data shows the lamps submitted by JST were able to maintain a photometric flicker well below that required by California’s Appliance Efficiency Regulations (Title 20), over a dimming range of 0 to 100 percent light output. The lamps also measured above the minimum standard power factor over the entire dimming range used for testing. Perhaps most noteworthy of all for lamp and luminaire manufacturers, both the omni-directional and directional lamps tested for the project exhibited smooth dimming on all seven dimmers used for testing, with no flashing, flickering, pop on, cycling or other undesirable behaviors.

JST’s integrated driver solution enables smooth dimming from 100 to 0 percent when paired with a sample set of commercially available dimmers and occupancy sensors. Leveraging the benefits of standard complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology, JST’s driver ICs enable simple, cost-effective solutions that maintain the highest levels of efficiency and power factor.

“The transition to LED lamps needs to be a satisfying experience for consumers," says CLTC Director, Michael Siminovitch, who is also the Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency at UC Davis. "Lamps need to work with the dimmers people already have in their homes, and they need to deliver the kind of light people will be happy to live with for years to come. The California Quality specification is a strategic approach to supporting this transition to more efficient lighting."

“We are delighted that our technology has been validated as one cornerstone enabling best-in-class LED lighting, not just in a laboratory but also with the potential to spread across the globe.  Our goal is to partner with lighting manufacturers to incorporate the driver solution to drive mass adoption,” says Jade Sky Technologies CEO David Chen. “Only by focusing on what end consumers want in their lighting and offering them high-value products, will lighting manufacturers be able to put forth a means to achieve global energy savings. Working with CLTC and PG&E, we passionately believe that energy-efficient lighting can be made simple and economical for the user, so that meaningful energy savings will be achieved worldwide, benefitting us all.”

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Jade Sky Technologies to Present at “The Future of Lighting” Forum with California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis, PG&E, and Qualcomm on Thursday May 29, 2014

As a forum panelist and active player in the LED lighting industry, Jade Sky Technologies is excited to offer its perspectives on “The Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs”

Milpitas, CA – April 28, 2014 – Jade Sky Technologies (“JST”), a clean‐tech start‐up manufacturer of LED driver ICs with best‐in‐class dimming at the best value, announces that Jade Sky Technologies CEO, Mr. David Chen will be participating as a panelist for “The Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs” discussion at the “The Future of Lighting Forum”, co‐sponsored by the Monte Jade Science & Technology Association and Cooley LLP.

With LED lighting, consumers should not have to sacrifice comfort or convenience to save energy. Legislative support for more energy‐efficient lighting has given LED manufacturers and investors a rare opportunity to transform the way we light our homes, workplaces, and recreational spaces.The panelists will talk about how they are contributing to lighting technology developments that move us forward on the paths toward global energy savings.

  1. Dr. Michael Siminovitch – Director of the California Lighting Technology Center, Associate Director of the Energy Efficiency Center, Rosenfeld Chair in Energy Efficiency, and Professor in the Department of Design at UC Davis.
  2. David Thayer – Sr. Product Manager, Lighting for PG&E
  3. David Chen – CEO and Co‐founder of Jade Sky Technologies, Inc.
  4. Robert Holman – Technical Director of Commercial Lighting for Qualcomm 

Moderator: Reuben Chen – Partner, Cooley LLP

Registration Link: http://www.montejade.org/blog and http://www.cooley.com/69686
Please register in advance and pay on site.

Date: Thursday May 29, 2014

Location: Cooley LLP‐ 3175 Hanover Street Palo Alto, CA 94304‐1130

Agenda: 5:30PM to 9:30PM Light refreshments will be provided. Networking & demos of great LED lighting products.

Presentation: “Choosing the Right Light” by Dr. Michael Siminovitch of California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis. Learn five things to look for to find the right LED lighting for your needs.

Panel discussion: “Paths to Achieving Global Energy Savings with LEDs”

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LEDUS partners with Jade Sky Technologies to create cost‐effective, easy‐to‐use LED lighting solutions

Milpitas, CA – April 22, 2014 – Jade Sky Technologies (“JST”), a clean‐tech start‐up manufacturer of LED driver ICs with best‐in‐class dimming at the best value, announces the signing of a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with LEDUS Lighting Technology Ltd. (“LEDUS”), a subsidiary of Tech Pro Technology Development Limited (“Tech Pro”)(Stock Code: 3823.HK). This cooperation allows LEDUS and JST to collaborate in the creation of a family of LEDUS branded high‐quality LED products based on JST’s industry leading driver IC with deep dimming and ultra‐wide dimmer compatibility. The goal is to make these high‐quality LED products available globally in 2014.

“JST shares our goal of accelerating the mass consumer adoption of LED lighting by bringing to market high‐quality LED lights that truly dim well” said Tech Pro Chairman, Mr. Amos Li. "While fully utilizing each party’s advantages and core competencies, we will work together to advance our industry by offering products focused on the best end user experience.”

“We are excited to cooperate with LEDUS and Tech Pro to create high‐quality LED lights that delight users by working as expected in the ways of traditional lighting yet offering the tremendous energy savings and reliability associated with solid‐state lighting. By focusing on what end consumers want in their lighting and offering them high‐value products through forward‐thinking manufacturers such as LEDUS, we put forth a means to achieve global energy savings,” says Jade Sky Technologies CEO, Mr. David Chen. “We already have the technology to make an awesome LED bulb. By partnering with LEDUS, that technology will be made commercially available, allowing for the global benefits we all deserve.”

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Jade Sky Technologies Appoints Nelson C. Chan and Allan Hamilton to the Board

Milpitas, CA – March 31, 2014 – Jade Sky Technologies (JST), announces the appointment of Nelson C. Chan and Allan Hamilton to its Board.

Mr. Chan, Chairman of the Board of Outerwall Inc. (a public company behind well-known Redbox and Coinstar kiosks) and former CEO of Magellan Corporation, brings to the JST Board more than 28 years of marketing and operational experience in the technology and consumer electronics industries.   Mr. Chan is also Lead Independent Director of Synaptics (a developer of consumer interface solutions), Director of Affymetrix (a genetic analysis company), and several private companies across a broad range of industries, including Bridgelux, a global leader in Solid State Lighting.

Mr. Hamilton, Executive Vice President of Gateway Development Group Ltd., has over 30 years experience in various senior positions in sales and marketing at Crystal Semiconductor, Chips & Technologies, and Intel.  Mr. Hamilton was a co-founder, President and CEO of Calibre Inc., and he was instrumental in founding, funding and completing a merger with ZiLOG.  Prior to Calibre, at TEMIC he established a $50 million IR component business.  Through Gateway Development Group, he currently works to develop Asian channels for a number of emerging high technology hardware, software and IP companies.

“We are thrilled to have Nelson and Al join our board;” said David Chen, CEO of JST.  “Their global business experience will help tremendously to guide our success in the fast-growing, high-opportunity world of LED lighting.  In particular, we welcome Nelson’s strategic insight as a seasoned executive in the high-tech, consumer electronics industry and Al’s deep knowledge of sales and business development.”

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