September 29, 2014: Jade Sky Technologies participated in the California Energy Commission (CEC) Staff Workshop for Small Diameter Directional Lamp and General Service LED Lamp Efficiency Opportunities.

David Chen, Jade Sky Technologies CEO, spoke before the California Energy Commission to advocate for user experience in promoting mass adoption of LED lamps. David Chen stated: “Because there is a wide variety of phase-cut dimmers in the present landscape and not just one standard version, we strongly believe that it is unacceptable for a lamp to claim to be dimmable, when it passes with just one dimmer. Rather, it should pass with a variety of dimmers that work with traditional incandescent lighting, including analog dimmers, digital dimmers, those including occupancy sensors, and those with light-level indicators.  If not, these LED lamps will not truly be retrofit products and will impede the mass adoption of LED lamps due to poor user experiences.  We have already observed that labeling options and fine print only confuse consumers.  Listing compatible dimmers is not effective, because typical users at the store do not know their dimmer model numbers.  Model numbers, moreover, are typically hidden behind faceplates, even if a user were so motivated to find out.  The goal is to make the transition to LED lighting easy, and the present approaches hinder that effort, especially when driver technologies such as ours already make excellent dimming and dimmer compatibility a reality today with no added cost to the manufacturers.”

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  1. Jade Sky Technologies letter to CEC on September 9, 2014 - Link to PDF:
  2. CEC Staff Workshop presentation - link to PDF:
  3. CEC Staff Draft Report - Link to PDF:

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Download this file (JST_CEC_090914.pdf)Letter[Letter to CEC on September 9, 2014]
Download this file (CEC_Staff_Report_2014.compressed.pdf)Report[CEC Staff Draft Report]
Download this file (CEC_staff_workshop_092914.compressed.pdf)Workshop[CEC Staff Workshop presentation]

Download this file (FutureOfLightingForum_Introduction-small.pdf)Introduction[Presentation of The Future of Lighting Forum - 2MB]
Download this file (Dr.Siminovitch_FutureOfLighting_ChoosingTheRightLight_052914_CLTC_Presentation.compressed.pdf)Presentation by Dr. Siminovitch[Choosing The Right Light at The Future of Lighting Forum - 5MB]

March 4 – 7, 2014: LED Next Stage 2014, Tokyo International Exhibition Center “Tokyo Big Sight”

JST will be attending Japan’s largest exhibition of new lighting solutions in support of our customers. As always, drop us a line to meet up if you too will be at the show. We would love to see you!

February 25 – 27, 2014: Strategies in Light 2014, Santa Clara Convention Center

It is always a joy to "talk shop" with LED lighting folks right in our neighborhood.  We look forward to celebrating the 15th anniversary of Strategies in Light.  Again, please give us a shout, if you are in the area for the show, and we can catch up!

February 12 – 14, 2014: SEMICON Korea 2014 / LED Korea 2014

We look forward to seeing our partners and customers in Korea.  If you are at the COEX for LED Korea, let us know.

November 6, 2013: CLTC's 10th Anniversary Open House

We are happy to celebrate with CLTC a decade of innovation in lighting and energy efficiency.

CLTC demo smallCLTC board small

We also set up our dimming demo for the open house. So feel free to drop by and check it out!

 October 27 – 30, 2013: Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)

Once again, our team will be in Hong Kong supporting our growing list of customers, leveraging the benefits of JST’s RetroBulb™ technology to create the best end-user experiences for their customers.

October 16 – 18, 2013: LED Japan/Strategies in Light 2013

As part of a broader customer tour in Japan, David, our CEO, will be attending LED Japan/SiL at the Pacifico Yokohama. Feel free to drop us a note if you are there too.

April 23-25, 2013: Lightfair, Philadelphia Convention Center

We're excited to have the opportunity to continue our discussions with those who care as much about the quality of LED lighting and dimming as we do. Just say no to dimmer compatibility charts! We'll be packing the toughest dimmers/occupancy sensors with us to demo how our drivers get it done vs. the competition. As with the show in HK, send us a note to connect with us there. We'd love to see you!

April 6-9, 2013: Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring edition)

Yes, we're returning to the HKCEC to meet up with customers, old and new. Feel free to send us a note, if you'll be there.