As the world phases out inefficient lights, we are presented with a rare and exciting opportunity in the future of lighting. And the question of “How many electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?” has become more relevant.

For most of our lifetimes, the punchline has been: zero. If Grandma blew a bulb, she could go to the store, look for another that had the same Edison screw at the bottom, and replace it herself. No wiring, no testing, no prayers to a benevolent God. Now, however, with the onslaught of new, under-engineered, lighting technologies, the joke looks to be at the consumer's expense.

Lighting control is critically important. Light level sets our mood or helps us to work effectively, and being able to set the lighting to a level appropriate to the need keeps power bills and energy use at sustainable levels.

In the current lighting market, however, if your wiring consists of anything more than a dumb switch, then buying a lightbulb is more like buying software for a computer-- you have to read the packaging carefully to check the "system requirements" and read online reviews from trusted sources to check if compatibility broke in the new version. There is no shareware in the lighting world; you have to buy before you try and it can take several back and forths to the store before you find a bulb that works with your particular dimmer-- or maybe you finally break down and call that electrician to try different dimmers until you find one that works with bulbs you can actually buy.

With the introduction of the Jade Sky Technologies series of LED drivers, it doesn't have to be that way anymore. At Jade Sky, we respect the contract implied by the Edison screw and are leading a return to simplicity through a common-sense vision of how lighting should work: change the bulb, not the wiring.

Lighting was easy in the past because the consumer didn't care that what they called a lightbulb was really a heatbulb that happened to glow. Now, with the economic and environmental costs of energy rising, we understand the importance of efficiency-- but most lighting manufacturers took the position that consumers valued efficiency enough to sacrifice usability. They were wrong, and if you ask the average consumer today they'll spell CFL as a four letter word.

With LEDs, the next era of modern lighting is dawning and consumers are, regrettably, facing the same bad experiences-- bulbs that flicker, strobe, refuse to light or turn off, or die young when installed into existing circuits with dimmers or other controls.

Jade Sky Technologies has solved these problems with high efficiency driver circuits that can dim smoothly over the full range from 0-100%, while keeping cost and size below previous generation designs. Power factors near unity convince your control circuits that they're still driving hot tungsten while helping to ensure that your efficiency gains are shared all the way back to the power plant.